Company history

2023.11 Joint research on Pancreatic cancer, cholangiocarcinoma diagnostic kit
(Korea University Hospital)
2023.10 Joint research on Breast cancer diagnostic kit
(Seoul National University Hospital, the Catholic University of Medicine Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital)
2022.10 Joint research on Pancreatic cancer diagnosis
(Asan Medical Center’s Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery)
2022.06 Series B investment (6.5 million)
2021.11 Started joint development of pancreatic cancer and biliary tract cancer diagnosis kit
(Korea University Hospital)
2021.10 Joint development of advanced genetic diagnostic kit
(Seoul St. Mary's Hospital)
Commencement of joint development of breast cancer diagnosis kit
(Seoul National University Hospital)
2021.09 Korea University P-HIS Project Group (Huniverse Global) MOU
(Joint use of genomic and clinical data)
2021.06 Selected as a start-up leap forward package support project
2021.04 Selected for scale-up technology commercialization task (1.06 billion)
Selected for the development of liquid biopsy technology for pan-ministerial medical devices (1.1 billion won)
2021.03 Established GMP manufacturing facility
2020.06 Lung cancer diagnosis joint research
(Korea University Thoracic Surgery)
2020.03 Patent registration (10-2086689)
2019.09 Investment in subsidies (500 million won)
2019.06 Series A investment (2 billion won)
2019.06 TIPS program start-up commercialization / Overseas Marketing Selection
(Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
2019.06 Selected as TIPS technology startup team
(Small and Medium Business Technology Information Promotion Agency)
2019.02 Certificate Venture Company
2018.09 Patent support project
(Health Business Promotion Agency)
2018.09 Startup success package project
(Small and Medium Business Corporation)
2018.08 Moved into Seoul Bio Hub
2017.11 Established GeneCker Co., Ltd.