CRISPincette™ Lung

Lung cancer diagnostic kit using ultra-precision CRISPR genetic scissors

CRISPincette™ Lung is GeneCker’s new non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) diagnostic panel that can diagnose cancer with a small amount of blood by applying the ultra-precision CRISPR/Cas9 system to improve the detection limit of genetic variation.

Liquid biopsy to diagnose cancer genes using blood

Lung cancer genes can be analyzed quickly and accurately by collecting blood instead of a complicated surgical method. Periodic monitoring is also possible with a simple procedure.


Cell-free DNA preparation & PCR enrichment

CRISPincette™ is a liquid biopsy diagnostic kit panel. It extracts cell-free DNA (cfDNA) using various DNA extraction kits. The extracted cell-free DNA (higher than recommended quality) should be amplified with PCR to obtain sufficient amounts of the target site.

gcCas9 Digestion

GeneCker’s ultra-precision CRISPR genetic scissors (gcCas9) technology is applied to the panel. gcCas9 is a tool for detecting cancer cell-derived mutant genes present in the blood. It specifically cuts only normal genes and not affects target cancer genes. After the experimental process, only the target cancer gene is detected.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) & Analysis

Target cancer genes not cut by gcCas9 can be amplified again through PCR equipment. The amplified target cancer gene is generated by the NGS sequencing equipment with CRISPincette™ panel data. The generated data can be analyzed through our in-house database analysis program.


High analytical sensitivity

Cancer cells in blood rarely exist in a very low proportion, making them difficult to analyze. CRISPincette™ Lung panel is equipped with GeneCker’s ultra-precision CRISPR gene scissors (gcCas9), so it is possible to detect low-frequency mutations.


CRISPincette™ Lung panel with high analytical sensitivity can identify various genetic mutations with a single blood sample.

We selected essential gene regions for diagnosis and excluded unnecessary normal gene regions. The number of NGS analysis samples has significantly increased compared to the existing panel.

Product Specification

CRISPincette™ Lung
Input DNA cell-free DNA
Target enrichment PCR amplicon-based
Platform Illumina MiSeqDx
Target Size 760 bp
Main hotspot 10
Applications Indel, SNV
Library prep time ≤ 5 hr
Analysis solution PinAnalysis™
Target Hotspot List
EGFR E746_A750del BRAF L618W
MET_exon14 skipping (Left & Right)

Performance evaluation

Total Specification
Sensitivity 97%
Specificity 91%
Accuracy PPA 97% (Positive Percentage Agreement)
PPV 94% (Positive Predictive Value)
LOD Between 0.25%
and 0.5% VAF
(Limit Of Detection)
Specific variants EGFR KRAS
Sensitivity 96% 96%
Specificity 93% 83%
Accuracy 96% (PPA) 96% (PPA)
97% (PPV) 96% (PPV)
(Limit Of Detection)
0.25% VAF
(L858R : 0.5% VAF)

Library preparation process